Environmental Law

Land Development and Subdivision – Our firm advises clients on acquisition and development of land and all aspects of zoning and land development requirements. Our experience and expertise includes assistance to our clients in obtaining the proper zoning, subdivision, and occupancy permits and approvals to the representation necessary to obtain more specialized permits and approvals such as variances, special exceptions and conditional use approvals.

Environmental – Real estate transactions, particularly those involving commercial or industrial property, are impacted directly by environmental laws and regulations.  Our direct experience with environmental laws and regulations allows us to provide sound and practical advice to clients facing the type of issues impacting many real estate transactions from underground storage tanks to the possibility of the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated property.  Our firm is experienced in working directly with environmental consultants to form the team approach necessary to resolving these types of environmental issues.  In addition, we have broad-based experience handling environmental issues for our clients and working directly with the local environmental regulators to find practically driven solutions and resolutions.

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