Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Elder Law

Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan will protect your family and other loved ones. This is why our team performs an in-depth analysis of personal and business interests in order to facilitate a plan that best meets your individual goals. A full range of income, gift and death tax consequences must be considered when transferring property during a lifetime or upon your death.

We will work with you to prepare the proper documents, including a will, trust, power(s) of attorney, to ensure you have financial security and asset protection for the future.

Estate Administration and Probate

McCormick Law Firm provides assistance and service in the administration of estates, working with family members and executors during a difficult time to properly carry out the decedent’s wishes. Our firm will lead the executor step-by-step through the probate process, from the initial meeting, to the filing of tax returns and preparation of executor accountings, and ultimate estate distribution.

Elder Law

A growing area of the law that is often misunderstood, the ultimate goal of McCormick is to recognize the individual needs of each client. Many of our clients seek help and advice with respect to family members who are unable to care for themselves or in making arrangements for others to handle their affairs. When an individual is unable to afford long-term care, McCormick can help to identify the best resources to assist with the financial obligations, while protecting assets from nursing home costs. Elder Law is not necessary, due to rules, regulations and laws, sometimes only advice is necessary.

Certification Matters: Elizabeth A. White, CELA*

(*Board certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation under authorization of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court)

An attorney certified in elder law offers you something that other attorneys do not: professional expertise in the laws that affect seniors, those with special needs, and estate planning clients of any age.

Attorney Elizabeth A. White is a Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation under authorization of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (CELA). She has been practicing in the area of elder law since 2010 and has demonstrated her commitment to specialization by obtaining her CELA designation, which involves passing an extensive exam, handling a majority of her cases in the areas of elder law and estate planning, completing significant continuing education in the areas of estate planning and elder law, and receiving positive colleague reviews as to her practice and ethical standards.

McCormick Law Firm offers a full spectrum of Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Elder Law. Collectively, our attorneys have more than 270 years of combined experience.

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