Intellectual Property

No matter the industry, whether you are an individual artist or a large corporation, it is imperative that your work be protected. At McCormick Law Firm, our attorneys commit to understanding and protecting the intellectual property of each client.


Copyrights protect creative works and compilations, including art, music, video, software, and literature. We work to ensure your creative works are protected on a national scale. We help obtain registrations with the United States Copyright office, and we are well versed in counseling clients through the entire creative process – from idea and expression, through protecting and selling your work.  Our attorneys can help you draft and negotiate intellectual property license agreements, so that you can sell your work based on fair and commercially reasonable terms.

We are also ready to defend your rights if you have been accused of infringing on another copyright.  To foster creativity, the Copyright Act includes a defense to infringement called “fair use.” Fair use provides that, under the right circumstances, limited portions of copyright protected works may be incorporated into new works from different authors, without infringement, but only if the use is “fair.” It is imperative that content creators understand how the law decides what uses are “fair,” and our attorneys at McCormick Law Firm can help counsel you through that process.


For both businesses and individuals, your “brand” can become your most valuable asset.  Obtaining a trademark for your product or logo can help protect the reputation of your business by telling consumers that goods and services bearing your trademark are authentic. McCormick Law Firm can help obtain a trademark on your behalf.  Registration of a trademark will provide a distinct identity, differentiating your brand from competitors in the industry.  We are also prepared to enforce your rights, to ensure consumers are not confused by another product or service using a similar name or logo.

Technology Law

At its core, technology law is the “law of the internet.”  McCormick Law Firm can help direct you through the maze of protecting your rights in the world of electronic communication.  We are equipped to handle international copyright and trademark prosecution and infringement, domain name disputes, and defamation cases.

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