Mediation and Arbitration

Oftentimes disputes will arise between individuals, whether they are contractors, customers, or employers.  This conflict can at times be resolved without more costly litigation. Mediation and arbitration are voluntary legal processes used for this purpose.

Mediation – Our attorneys will provide counsel to the parties involved, looking out for their best interests. We start by meeting with each individual to discuss their respective claims, and then provide a setting to facilitate a discussion. Oftentimes when arguments are heard, an agreeable resolution can be reached.

Arbitration – The other form of dispute resolution, arbitration, can be binding or non-binding, depending upon the nature of the agreement. An impartial arbitrator reviews the evidence of a case to then present a decision. If the agreement is binding, the court would get involved to enforce the arbitrator’s decision.

However, if mediation or arbitration fails, litigation may be necessary.

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